Mar 22, 2012

The World Will Be Watching

Today is the day guys. The Hungers Games is finally here. I never thought this day would get here, but I survived the wait and now the movie is coming out tonight at midnight!!

Who will be seeing it tonight at midnight? I'm going to see it Saturday morning when it won't be insanely packed...I hope. I don't know how I will be able to fall asleep Friday night knowing that soon I will be seeing this movie. It's like when your a kid and you know Santa is coming and you know you need to fall asleep but it is just impossible!

I'm really excited to see how these two portray their characters. I have a good feeling that they will do awesome, but you never know. They both sure look hot so that right there gives them some points! ;)

I can not wait to see Jennifer in action as Katniss. Is it bad I'm most excited to see that dramatic scene in the trailer when she takes her sisters place that always makes me tear up the most? She does so good I just want to see it all together rather than in the bits and pieces in the trailer.

So who is going to the midnight showing to see The Hunger Games? Who is having a hard time focusing on anything but the movie? My brain keeps thinking "Saturday I get to see The Hunger Games la la la la la!" *insert me skipping.* Here is the trailer to keep us sane until we can get into that movie theater and FINALLY see The Hunger Games.


  1. I'd be waiting in line right now if I could! lol!! :)

  2. I'm not going till about 8pm but I got some friends waiting in line right now. I'm so excited!! :D