Mar 26, 2012

Sweet and Vicious

Sweet and Vicious is the third book in the In or Out series and I remember having to have it the moment I finished reading Loves me, Loves me not and the moment I had the books in my hands I read it in a couple of hours and loved it and now that I'm rereading the series I still love this series.

Summary from Goodreads:

Nola is sick of moping over the end of her friendship with Marnie and decides to be just as cunning as Marnie and Marnie's new group of popular friends. So when Marnie "accidentally" runs into her first love--and a whole lot of confusion--is Nola to blame?

Sweet and Vicious starts off exactly were Loves me, Loves me not left off. Nola is standing on Weston Brigg's porch debating whether or not she should go through with the plan she hatched that formed in her head the moment she saw Weston moving in to the house next door. Weston Brigg's is Marnie's ex-boyfriend, by the way. Weston is a very cocky and arrogant guy who loves baseball but I kind of like him. He and Marnie have a tender moment towards the end of the book that makes you think maybe he's not so bad. I find him amusing. Marnie on the other hand finds him flat out annoying and would like to sock him where it counts quite a few times through out this book.

Marnie has never been my favorite character in this series. I never really particularly liked her chapters-they alternate between Marnie and Nola-and tolerated reading them because I didn't want to get confused, but in this one I start to like Marnie a tad bit. She starts to grow up and realize "Hey-Lizette is kind of shady!" of course she does nothing about it. She lets all the signs go over her head even though she knows something is up. I probably would do the same in her position. I don't feel proud about that, but I understand why she kept putting it off. She didn't want to believe what she knew was going on was actually going on and I totally can understand that even if I don't like to admit that. So yes in this book you begin to like Marnie and Marnie begins to see that maybe ditching Nola for Lizette was not the right call. 

Nola has really changed from the first book to this one. She's speaking her mind and defending herself and she's not breaking out in hives as often. Nola's even hatching plans to get back at Marnie which are quite brilliant. She never would have had the guts to do that in the first book. She's a really awesome character and her chapters I always look forward to. Her relationship with Ian develops more in this one and I loved this aspect of the book and almost sorta wish more would have come out of it. Her relationship with Matt is developing more. 

Matt is really different in this one compared to the other books. He's real moody and mysterious a lot in this one. Which you finally learn what is up with Matt in this book and it makes you feel for him and want to hug him for hours. Matt is a great character who had to grow up faster than most kids. I love him. He and Nola are the best characters in this series. 

There is a lot more of Sawyer in this one than there has been in the past books. I love Sawyer, he cracks me up and I wish Marnie would just get off her high horse already and see that hey Sawyer is the guy for me! Not that slime ball Dane. Ugh. I don' even want to mention him. He's not worth being mentioned, trust me. 

All and all Sweet and Vicious is a great companion to the first two books and is the best out of the three so far. The plot is your basic best friends becoming enemies but its a good one with some twists. Sweet and Vicious is getting 3.5 out of 5 stars from me. If your looking for a fast read with an interesting story about friendship and who to trust this is the series for you. I love it to this day and defiantly recommend you check it out. 

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