Mar 7, 2012

A Place In This Life Blog Tour: Review and Interview

I had never seen or heard of A Place In This Life by Julie Rieman Duck until I came across her blog tour sign up and instantly I wanted to read this book. I'm so glad that I was able to take part in Julie's blog tour because this book was really something.

Summary from Goodreads:

For Natalie Miller, it’s just another family vacation. For someone else, it’s the opportunity he’s been waiting for.

With only a single peck from a guy named Frank, Natalie’s anything but experienced with boys. But when Todd pops out of the water, says hi, and tells Natalie he has leukemia, all of that changes.

She’s never had attention like this from a boy, let alone one who’s a real charmer with sex on the brain and the experience to match. Drawn to Todd like a magnet, Natalie gives him her friendship, her love, and her body. Even when she’s tempted by gorgeous, healthy schoolmate Alex, Natalie’s desire to love and care for Todd pushes her to see how far love can go in spite of the potential for death of the relationship — and death of the one she loves.

Natalie goes on vacation with her family-much to her dislike and instantly meets a boy there. He's lanky, bald and blunt. Right off the bat he tells her he has leukemia and soon after the two are pretty much dating. When Todd was first introduced in the book I wasn't sure how to react. He's seriously blunt and obviously a guy with sex on the brain. I was defiantly intrigued by him and his characteristics but his constant talk about sex got old and a bit annoying. I wanted to tell him to just cool it and keep his hands to himself. But put that aside I really did kind of like him and wanted to see where their relationship would go. And then Alex came a long and I instantly liked him. Whats not to like? He's tall, dark, and handsome and nothing like Todd. I just really liked him right away as with Todd I was cautious and unsure when he was first brought into the book.

In A Place Like This Life there is no moment of dullness. I would keep telling myself just another chapter and I would stop before I pass out from exhaustion and then I'd read another chapter...and so on. I just couldn't stop. I had to see what was going to happen next because I become invested in Natalie's story. Speaking of the main character I couldn't decide at first if I liked her or not. I think it was around chapter four when it finally hit me that I did like her and actually could relate to her in some situations, but not all of them.

Cara who is Natalie's best friend was quite the character. She's kind of...stuck up, but even though you might think at first she has bad intentions I don't think she really did. But at first when she did certain things I did think that maybe she did them for her own gain. I don't really think that anymore. Cara does care about Natalie, but Cara does it make it hard at times to like her. In the end though I think liking Cara will happen, even if it is just a little bit rather than a whole lot. She's just a piece of work who gave this story a nice touch.

I was really torn with this book for a while. At first I was rooting for Alex, but then next thing I knew I was rooting for Todd and actually liked him, faults and all. Todd's the bad boy you know will break your heart yet you love him anyways and my dread just built with each chapter. I didn't want the outcome I just knew was going to end up happening occur. I think because of this I did put off finishing this book, until I just had to find out what would happen then I finished it quicker than anything else. I felt my heart breaking with Natalie with each chapter that got deeper towards the end of the book, but for different reasons then you would expect. And this book did surprise me from start to finish.

A Place In This Life was a sad story that broke my heart and I absolutely loved it and am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars. I can't wait to read something else by Julie Rieman Duck I loved her writing style it was just so great! Read this book people, or your going to miss out on a really great story.

Character Interview:

Today I get to interview Cara, Natalie's best friend. She quite the character which is why I chose to interview her rather than one of the boys, or Natalie. I think you guys will enjoy this interview since it gives you a look into who Cara is for those of you who haven't read the book yet!

Q. Whats the first word that pops into your head when you think about your relationship with Natalie?

A. Enduring. Well, it's lasted about forever, so yeah, enduring works.

Q. Do you regret meddling in Natalie's love life the way you did?

A. Who else was gonna do it? She was getting involved with people I'd never hang out with...and I didn't think it would be good for her, either. I care about Nally and do whatever it takes, just saying.

Q. When you hear the names Todd, Natalie, and Alex what runs through your mind?

A. Todd? A user. A creep. I know guys like him and he's one of them! Natalie makes me think of innocence. She's smart, but not street-smart. Thank god she has me. Alex? Um, a no-brainer. He's hot and should've been my locker mate.

Q. If you had to describe yourself in one word to a complete stranger what would you tell them?

A. Intense.

Q. Why did you hate Todd so much?

A. I think he was trying to use Nally for one last fling. You'd think that something like a disease-leukemia-would change a person? Not that guy. All he thought about was sex, even when he was sick. He's lucky that Nally fell for it, and that I didn't send one of my people after him.

Q. Your house is burning down and you have 30 seconds to grab your most prized possession. What would that be?

A. My green nail polish! Just kidding. Um, my green iPad. Everything is on there.

Now for some this and that questions!

Q. Coffee or Tea? 

A. A quad venti latte with no foam.

Q. Johnny Depp or Leonardo Dicaprio?

A. Johnny Depp-I like dark haired, older guys who are into playing pirate.

Q. Team Edward or Team Jacob? 

A.  Which one looks better without his shirt on? THAT one and you know who?

Q. Blue or Purple?

A. Purple because blue can be a downer. It does look good on me, though.

Q. Skittles or M&M's? 

A. I like to taste the rainbow.

BTW are we done yet? I have a mani-pedi appointment. C-U L8tr.

Thanks for stopping by today was interesting having you here today! :)

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