Mar 28, 2012

Friends Close, Enemies Closer

Friends Close, Enemies Closer is the last installment in the In or Out series by Claudia Gabel. I read this book right after finishing Sweet and Vicious because I needed to know what happened next right away. It's a really great last book in the series that I enjoyed. I loved how it ended and wrapped up everything so nicely.

Summary from Goodreads:

Are you IN or are you OUT? Get ready to be pick a side!Marnie, who's just gotten into a huge fight with Lizette -- and high school hottie Dane-- is suddenly very much OUT. Meanwhile, Nola, who's attracted a collection of boy admirers (including an older guy!), is suddenly sort of...IN. As Homecoming draws nearer, and the social stakes get higher, the former best friends are each waist-deep in drama. And when a surprising turn of events throws them back together, will they mend their friendship...or become enemies all over again?

Friends Close, Enemies Closer starts off exactly where Sweet and Vicious left off just like all the previous books before it. Sweet and Vicious ends with us finally finding out the mystery of Matt. When I was reading this series I never expected that would be the mystery. It's sad, because just the thought of that happening is terrifying. And learning this about Matt and who he is really makes you love him even more. It's impossible not to love Matt. He's that guy you wish you were dating because he's just so sweet.

This has to be my favorite book in the series even though it is the very last one and I wish there was more and honestly I think if the author wanted to she could totally do more with the story, but anyways this one was defiantly a great conclusion to the series.

Marnie who infuriated me and to be honest just got on my nerves in this series is finally realizing how much she screwed up. And she's finally seeing just who her true friends are and those who are back stabbing enemies. I started to like Marnie in Sweet and Vicious but I really like her in this one as she tries to right all her wrongs and handle being not in the in crowd anymore. Sure she still tries to make things right with Lizette even though she did nothing wrong and Lizette is just a B to the itch and that totally annoyed me. It took her a while, but Marnie finally figured out being popular isn't all it seems. It actually sucks big time. Marnie who was oh so confident from the start of the series actually ends up changing a lot from that girl. It's for the good to.

If you've read the first two books in the series and are expecting Nola to still be this shy girl who breaks into hives when she's nervous don't because that girl is no longer around. Nola has grown so much and she's no longer shy self-conscious Nola. She's confident and she's just Nola who doesn't really give a crap anymore what people think of her-aside form Matt of course. 

I loved how Nola and Matt's relationship turned out. It was just perfect. Everyone in this book finally ends up with who they are meant to be with. Though I will say I was sorta rooting for Ian a tad bit since Sweet and Vicious. Of course I knew nothing would happen, but still I liked Ian. There's a lot more of sexy Sawyer in this one as well. He wasn't in the first two books much and I'm glad he finally got some spot light. He's a great character who often had me smiling. 

Speaking of characters who made me smile, Weston Briggs really knows how to make a girl smile even if she tries hard not to smile. Marnie really can't stand Weston when he first comes into the books but even Marnie can't help but like Weston. He always made me smile or shake my head when he was in a scene with dialogue. He's that guy who you love to hate and even though he seems like a jerk he's actually a good guy behind that smirk of his and baseball cap. 

There's a lot to love about this story, but what I loved most was how well Claudia wrapped everything up and she conveys the story in a way that shows that even though Marnie and Nola were best of friends the time apart really helped them. It allowed them to grow. It allowed Nola to break out of her shyness and it allowed Marnie to realize that some things a far more important than being in the in crowd. There are even a few characters who you realize aren't actually jerks, such as Erin-Marnie's sister. Sure she's still seriously self centered but she does care about Marnie. That very last sentence of this book was amazing. It couldn't have been a better ending to a great series about friendship.

Friends Close, Enemies Closer is a really great fast read that makes you think about what friendship means. It's got great characters and plot and its over all just a great series. Friends Close, Enemies Closer is getting 4 out of 5 stars from me. If anyone asked me if they should read this series I would not hesitate to say "Yes!" because I think everyone should read about Nola and Marnie. Everyone remembers there first year of high school and this is just a great story of two friends learning really great things about people around them, life in general and even their selves. Pick up this series and read it!

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