Feb 10, 2012

The Lure of Shapinsay Blog Tour: Author Interview +Giveaway

I am so honored to have debut author Krista Holle here today on my blog as part of her blog tour for her very first novel The Lure Of Shapinsay! I can not even begin to tell you how much I loved this book, it wasn't something I probably would have normally read but I am so glad that I got the chance to take part in Krista's blog tour and read The Lure Of Shapinsay. You can find my review for this book here.

Interview with Krista Holle:

Q. Hi, before I ask some questions can you introduce yourself a little? 

A. Hello, everyone, I'm Krista Holle (pronounced like the red berried tree, the author of the newly released novel The Lure of Shapinsay. I'm a critical care nurse and mother of four awesome daughters. If this doesn't keep me busy enough, I write like a fiend. I also love pizza, live in blue jeans, and collect seashells.

Q. Was writing something you always knew you wanted to do or did it kind of just spring its self upon you? 

A. It's always been a hobby, but I knew I wanted to purse publishing when I sent one of my young adult books to a fifteen-year-old beta reader. She stayed up all night to read it.  Hearing about this, was the best feeling in the world.

Q. What was it like when your book came out? Did you do something to celebrate the big day? 

A. Before it was published, I had been doing serial readings to make sure everything converted correctly. By the time it was published, I was relieved to be done with the whole process. 

Q. Where did the idea for The Lure of Shapinsay come from? Was there anything in specific that sparked the idea? It's such a unique story that I really loved. 

A. I've always loved the legends of the selkies. For the reader who's no familiar with these mythical creatures, selkies are beautiful men and woman who live as seals in the sea but occasionally shed their skins to walk on land as humans. The men are notorious for luring women to their deaths beneath the sea. 

Q. I really loved Kait as a character. I was wondering was she one of those characters that was completely already formed in your mind or did it take sometime to develop her as a character? 

A. I had Bella from Twilight in the back of my mind when I fleshed out Kait. A lot of women complained that she was to weak a female character, and I wanted Kait to be strong in contrast. 

Q. What was your favorite scene in The Lure of Shapinsay to write? How about your least favorite or hardest scene to write? 

A. My favorite scene was when Kait got Eamon to eat Cullen Skink for the first time. For those you haven't read the "Lure" yet Eamon has an aversion to soil or anything that comes from under the ground. He tolerates the first bite of smoked haddock pretty well, but when he chomps into a potato the violent physical reaction that follows had me giggling. No difficult scenes jumps out.

Q. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers like myself? 

A. Find really good beta readers who aren't afraid to hurt your feelings.

Q. Do you tend to write with music on? If so who were some of the bands you listened to while writing The Lure of Shapinsay? 

A. I like total silence when I write and would be happy working in a tomb. I do love contemporary and indie rock when I'm in the car. The band Franz Ferdinand is on my cell phone.

Q. Growing up who were some of your favorite authors? Who is your current favorite author? 

A. Growing up, I was searching out fairy tales from around the world while my friends were reading Judy Blume. Some of my favorite authors now are Stephanie Meyers, Shannon Hale, Cynthia Voigt, and Tracy Chevalier.

Q. Was The Lure of Shapinsay always going to be called that or did you have a different title before it became The Lure of Shapinsay? 

A. I wanted "Lured" but it was already taken.

Q. When you first saw the cover for your book what was your first thought? 

A. I was thrilled with the way it came out. Finding Eamon was HARD! Within a couple of days, I had my book cover framed for my office.

Q. What book are you currently reading? 

A. I started The Hunger Games a couple of weeks ago, but I've been so swamped, I've only gotten through a few pages.

Q. Are any of the characters in The Lure of Shapinsay based on anyone you know/knew? 

A. No, all of my characters are too weird to be based on any real person. I joked in another interview that perhaps imbedded in my memory, I once knew a sheep killing, arrogant young man, who loved the sea obsessively.

Q. If your book were to be made into a movie who would you cast to be in it and why? 

A. Saoirse Ronan from the movie Hanna, has the perfect look for Kait. I'm not sure about Eamon-someone criminally gorgeous.

Q. Did you always know how The Lure of Shapinsay would end, or did the story just kind of develop as you went? 

A. The ending was a huge dilemma for me. There's a reason why all the selkie legends are romantic tragedies. Land/sea relationships don't work. I knew that I wanted to have a land versus sea type romance, but it took weeks for me to finally figure things out.

Q. Are you one of those authors that outlines before you start writing or do you just write and see where the story goes? 

A. I have to start with at least a very rough outline, usually notes that I jot down in a spiral notebook.

Q. Do you know if The Lure of Shapinsay will be released in book form? 

A. It's my hope to one day release it in book form, but I'm a cautious soul waiting to see how it will be received.  I've been thrilled with my four and five reviews so far.

Thanks so much for stopping by Krista and answering these questions! It was a pleasure having you here today! :) You can find Krista over at her blog, website, and on facebook. I'd also like to thank Dark Mind Book Tours for sending me a copy of this wonderful book and letting me take part of this great blog tour!


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  1. Great interview! and post I have this on my to be read list :0)

    1. Thanks! Awesome! It was such a great book. Hope you enjoy it when you read it! :)

  2. Awesome interview! This book sounds like a great read! I love her answer that in order to be a writing, you have to find a good reader who isn't afraid to hurt your feeling LOL! That's awfully right answer! :D

    1. Thanks you! It was a really great read! Haha yes I loved that response as well and it is so true! Thanks so much for stopping by hope when you read Krista's book that you love it as much as I did! :)