Feb 21, 2012

Have you seen this?

I've been a fan of Zac Efron ever since I saw him on one of my favorite shows Summerland. I've loved pretty much everything he's been in since then, he's just so talented. I liked his voice and all to when he was in the High School Musical movies but I always wandered what he sounded like when it wasn't prerecorded stuff. And um guys he sounds pretty fantastic! Not only is he hot but he can also sing really good. I am indeed swooning over here as I listen to this over and over again just to hear him sing.

He also can make up lyrics on the fly. Am I the only one loving him even more after this? And he and Taylor sound pretty awesome together. What do you guys think? I know this is a pretty random blog post but I had to share it with you guys and find out what you guys thought. Let me know in the comments! :)

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