Feb 14, 2012

Happy Singles Awarness Day

So it's Valentines Day today or as me and my best friend like to call it Happy Singles Awareness Day!  I wasn't going to post anything special but I found this really great thing of Ian Somerhalder involving the big VDay and I had to share it. So feast your eyes ladies as Damon Salvatore smolders your heart to a gooey chocolatey mess. Am I the only one who has noticed in Ian's last name that smolder is in there if you toss some letters and move them around ? Coincidence? :D

Your Welcome. And now because I know there are Stefan Salvatore fans out there here you go...but seriously? Team Damon all the way! ;)

And just because I want to here is Mr. Evil Klaus for you, which let me just tell you since last week's episode I like him now. What? Don't tell me you didn't like him just a little bit after seeing that episode. Just admit it.

All we are missing is Elijah. I personally really like Elijah and would have enjoyed one of these with his face on them. Am I alone on this?

And these Vampire Diaries boys aren't the only cool Valentines things that I have found I just found some really awesome YA book related Valentines. Over at Novel Novice there are some really great cards they made. I will share my favorites with you. To see them all make sure to check out their site.

(Love this one! So dramatic and awesome. )


(Oh Edward <3)

Happy Singles Awareness Day or as some like to call it Valentines Day! ;) Now who will be setting one of these images as their wallpaper? They're all so awesome!

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