Jan 28, 2012

In or Out

I've never been a fan of books that involved day to day drama like the big series The Clique and to this day rarely read books that are like that but In or Out by Claudia Gabel caught my eye and intrigued me enough to set that dislike aside and give her book a chance. Originally when I first started this series way back I some how read the second book before the first, so I had to back track but even though I did that I fell in love with this series and it was one of my big stepping stones into loving Contemporary books.

Summary from Goodreads:

Are you IN or are you OUT? Find out in the launch of this exciting new YA series that explores the drama of high school friendship -- the ups & downs, the scandals & secrets, the romance & rivalries. Bubbly Marnie and shy Nola are best friends forever...but everything changes when ninth grade starts. Marnie has set her sights on the IN crowd, led by beautiful hipster-girl Lizette, and she also falls hard for charismatic hottie Dane. Nola wants her friendship with Marnie to remain as it was, and, despite her crush on a geeky-cute boy, isn't ready to date yet. Marnie doesn't get why Nola seems content to remain OUT. Nola doesn't get why Marnie is so desperate to get IN. Before long, their friendship is over, and all-out war has been declared! Are you prepared to pick a side?

Nola and Marnie are best friends-Marnie is outgoing while Nola is shy. Marnie wants to be in the in crowd while Nola doesn't. Doomed from the start right? Pretty much. But you know what I loved about this book so much-aside from Matt of course <33-was how even though it was a story about being In or Out cliquey crap it somehow was able to keep me reading. There was stuff about the book I didn't like but there was a lot I loved.

I love Nola-she is shy and when ever she gets worked up breaks into hives. While I was reading this book I could relate to Nola quite a lot. I felt like I was a lot like her in a lot of ways and that allowed me to really relate to her through out the book. She is just a really great  character and her chapters in the book are my favorite-the chapters alternate from Nola to Marnie. 

Marnie isn't my favorite character in this book but she also isn't my least favorite either. I just don't know, I didn't like it when it went to Marnie's point of view I just always kept thinking as I read about Marnie and her becoming friends with Lizette Levin-who I dislike very much-and I would just want the chapter to end and go back to Nola. 

The boy's in this book are each totally different from each other which was really nice. Matt is a music obsessed hottie who I loved right when he appeared in the book. It's impossible not to love Matt he's just so great. Then there is Sawyer who is the skater with black hair that is gelled to the max with spikes. I really like this guy (I've read all the books in this series and Sawyer is in each book more and more so its hard not to like him the more he appears. Just an FYI to understand why I like him.) even though he hooks up with a certain person. And that leaves no one other than Dane-don't let his charm fool you ladies. Dane is the one character aside from Lizette that I hate. He's this preppy guy who is a real douche. Yes, I did just say douche and that pretty much sums up Dane.

This book is a really fast read but none the less a good one. I remember loving this series way back when I first read it and I still do love it. As much as I didn't like Marnie the book was good because it did go from each girl and you got to understand each one and why they were feeling what they were feeling. I won't lie though whenever I reread this series-aside from this time-I always go to the chapters about Nola because there the best and well because of Matt. There was also some mystery in this book about Matt and certain things that kept you wondering which was a nice to touch about this book. The book ended pretty good too. It left me wanting to find out what would happen next which is a good sign because there are some series where you're okay waiting months before picking up the next book but with this one I had to know what would happen.

In or Out gets 3.9 out of 5 stars from me. Its a cute book that you can expect to read in one sitting. I would recommend you check out the book because it is good and um because of Matt Heatherly. Can you tell I'm a bit hung up on this character? What can I say Matt is quite the charmer without even realizing he is charming. 


  1. Sounds like a really good book. Usually I read more paranormal and urban fantasy, but if a contemporary looks really good, I'll give it a chance. This one looks REALLY GOOD. I can already tell I'm going to love Matt. I'm a sucker for the geeky-nerdy type :) Definitely going to check this one out!

  2. @Mag It is a pretty good book! Yeah same here. I mostly read paranormal but I do love contemporary books as well. I hope you like it when you read it! Yes, you will love Matt. He's just so lovable! :D