Dec 22, 2011

Vote for Rose

Okay guys I know I have mentioned the YA Sisterhoods Heroine Tourney before and I need to ask you guys a favor. Today at 12am Eastern Time and Pacific Time at 9pm Rose is up against Alex (a heroine who I know rocks and I would totally understand if you voted for her...but Rose is pretty awesome too :)) and Rose needs your votes. I know there are lots of fans out there supporting Alex and I totally get it. I supported her in her first match and was so stoked when she made it! But now she is up against Rose-the heroine my loyalty will be with before any other heroine. If you don't really know Rose from the Vampire Academy series check out this post by Jamie and Patricia over at Two Chicks on Books. Jamie and Patricia are Rose's advocates and their post explains exactly why Rose is an awesome heroine and deserves your vote.

Also if you would like to show your support for Rose beyond just voting you can go to Jamie and Patricia's awesome blog and find two buttons you can put on your side bar if you have a blog of your own! As well as if you have twitter change your image to one of the buttons and spread the word there. The one above is one of the great buttons. I've also decided that if Rose wins this match against Alex I will giveaway the first book in The Vampire Academy series and I will do this with each match Rose wins. I hope you guys vote for Rose tonight use every computer in your house! Go to the library! Bug your friends, family to vote for her to! Spread the word about the Tournament! Let me know in the comments if you will be voting for Rose. Make sure to leave a comment at YA Sisterhood's blog too that you voted for Rose so Jamie and Patricia can see all the great support Rose has! :) By clicking here it will bring you to YA Sisterhoods blog. Thanks guys so much! This is going to be an intense match!

Oh and one more thing your going to want to follow Jamie and Patrica if you have a twitter account to stay on top of all things Team Rose! Here is Jaime's twitter name: @arnoldjaime13 And here is Patricia's: @1of2chicksonbks also make sure your following the YA Sisterhood too for updates on the Heroine Tourney! You can find them on twitter as @YASisterhood if you aren't already following them.

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