Dec 20, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Should Be Reading were you grab a book, open it up, find something that isn't going to spoil the book and share it. You do this twice from any random page just make sure the teasers are not SPOILERS! This Tuesday I have chosen to share two teasers from Generation Dead by Daniel Waters which I am currently rereading.

"I did not think of the...consequences," he said, somehow getting all the syllables out in one word. "Everyone...knows. I am sorry." (from pg 87)

"The crisp scent of pine and autumn leaves was all she could smell. His skin was smooth and white; he looked like a sculpture come to life." (from pg 87)

Hope you liked these teasers! I'm hoping to have a review up soon, in the next few weeks. So keep your eyes peeled for a review. This will be my second time reading Generation Dead and though its defiantly not my usual read I still love it, even the second time around. If you haven't read this one defiantly check it out even if you aren't into books with zombies like myself this one defiantly will impress.


  1. Hmmm...that's pretty intriguing. I would like to know a little more about what is going on. Oh...and I love that cover! Thanks for sharing! Here is my Teaser for the week.

  2. @Gwenyth You should totally read it! Yes I love the cover as well. Its what made me buy it in the first place. :)