Dec 23, 2011

Taylor Swift...and The Hunger Games

Something involving Taylor Swift and The Hunger Games was released online today and I will say that at first I was instantly thinking Nooooooo! But after I actually listened to the song I was impressed. Wondering what I am talking about if you haven't already heard the news? Well it has been officially released that Taylor Swift will be on The Hunger Games soundtrack. Yeah, I know what you are thinking was my reaction too. BUT listen to the song. Its not her normal stuff which I do like but Taylor Swift on The Hunger Games soundtrack just didn't seem right. Then I heard this amazing song and I think she earned her spot on the soundtrack.

To be honest I can't stop listening to it. Now what are you thinking? Still that lingering Noooo! Or do you kind of like it? I know I do! Its a beautiful song.


  1. Oh wow! That's an awesome song! Like you, I was a little worried, but after listening to it, not so worried.


  2. I do like it. Not in my top favs, but I do like it. Different, but perfect for the Soundtrack in my opinion.