Dec 1, 2011

Holiday Giveaway

Its December first so you know what that means! Christmas is coming! And because I have some super fabulous followers I am going to do a holiday giveaway!

I bet you just want me to get on to what you will be winning right? First I have to state the rules. There won't be many I promise!

  • You must be 13 years or older to enter.
  • This is an international giveaway.
That's it. See only two. No other rules. Which technically the second isn't even a rule but whatever rules make things official. :D Okay so now I will tell you whats up for grabs.

First Winner will receive Ex-Mas by Kate Brian and Mistletoe: Four Holiday Stories featuring four fabulous authors Haley Abbott, Melissa De La Cruz, Amiee Freidman, and Nina Malkin.

Ex-Mas is a cute, fast read that is hard not to smile at when finished and think well that was cute. Its a perfect book to read while in the house drinking hot coco as it snows outside.

This book thou I have not yet read seems appropriate for this giveaway and did you see those authors names? All really talented writers so I can assume this book will be another one that will be a nice read while your freezing your butt off inside as pretty snow falls from the sky.

Second winner will receive their choice of Ex-Mas or Mistletoe: Four Holiday Stories. The giveaway will run from today until December 22! Hope you like whats up for grabs! If not if there are different books you would like that are the same price as the two books being given away just let me know what they are and I will get those for you instead. Note thou that only applies to the two that win so don't leave comments saying which different books you would like please. Thanks! Have fun trying to win! :)


  1. Thanks so much for doing a giveaway!!!

  2. @Danielle Your very welcome! :)

  3. Oooh thanks so much! :D Advanced Merry Christmas!

  4. Ooops. I was supposed to write about my most memorable Christmas memory... Err, 2 years ago, I spent my Christmas night in the airport! :D We were going abroad for a short Christmas vacation. It was soo fun! :)

  5. @Jenelle Your welcome! Advanced Merry Christmas! Wow that sounds interesting-being in the airport on Christmas. A Christmas vacation sounds like a lot of fun! :)