Dec 24, 2011

Heroine Tourney Results

So its the day after the intense match in the YA Sisterhoods Heroine Tourney and I want to type victory! Rose won I'll be giving away the first two VA books!! But I can't. I mean I just did but I can't type in big bold letters. It was the most intense match ever and I think I may need to sleep for a few more hours before I even begin to not be tired! It was so much fun though and I am glad that Rose was up against Alex because really it was kind of a win win even though Rose didn't actually win this one. When the very last minutes came up holy cow that was insane! If you haven't participated in this Heroine Tourney you really need to its a blast and already I can't wait to see what next year will be all about. I'm thinking it might be the villains turn which will no doubt be some very interesting matches.

In the next round Katniss and Alex will be up against each other. I'm gonna vote for Alex and support her even though I love Katniss. I'm really curious to see how this match will turn out. I think most people are thinking Katniss will blow Alex out of the water but I don't know Alex might just surprise some people. That's all I will say. Also if you will vote for Alex? :) I will leave you with this image to let you deicde

Aiden would vote for Alex. ;) But in all seriousness whoever you vote for just have fun and do not be mean to the other heroine you didn't vote for because then that just takes out all the fun of it. Oh and one more thing before I go eat breakfast I will also be posting a review for The Vampire Stalker today so look out for that! (I know I have been post more than once lately and I will stop doing that on Sunday and get back to just posting once a day.) Merry Christmas everyone!

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