Nov 20, 2011

Random Ramblings #3

Hey guys! I figured today since I don't plan on doing anything today but read, revise and write up this post I would just make this a Random Ramblings. And since I have only done one post so far about the Mascots which was basically just introducing them to you all I figured I would do another post about them. Be prepared for cuteness. :)


He looks real thrilled in that hat right? :)


They are my models for when I get the urge to try and be a somewhat of a good photographer haha. I would really like to know if you guys like this whole mascot thing. I like to hear from my followers! :)

Okay switching gears from cuteness too hotness. So I watched August Rush a couple nights ago and I can not get enough of Jonathan Rhys Meyers voice and all of him really. He's just so good looking!

I currently am listening to the song Something Inside from the movie...its been on replay the last few days. If you haven't seen August Rush I so recommend it. Whether you just want to see the Irish hunk above or you want to hear some amazing music or just want to watch an amazing movie all together August Rush is that movie.

I recently watched the book trailer for Unleashed by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie.

I must say the very ending was intriguing. I have not yet read any of these two authors books but I do have Possessions on my bookshelf to be read. It sounds like a pretty good book, they both do. Here's the trailer if you haven't already seen it. Just bare through the trailer its kind of just okay from the start but the ending really intrigued me.

Oh! Since I'm already talking about book trailers the small sneak peek for the trailer-or maybe its the full thing? Not exactly sure.-for Clockwork Prince totally has me wanting to toss all the other books ahead of Clockwork Angel on my TBR aside and read Clockwork Angel. I heard its really good which doesn't surprise me much. Cassandra Clare is a talented writer. What do you guys think? Should I set aside Bite Club and start Clockwork Angel instead? This right here makes me want too...

This trailer was done by Vania at VLC Productions and I absolutely love it. The music! Its so pretty!!

Well I think that's all I have to ramble about for today. Hope you enjoyed my rambling thoughts. They kind of bounce around from one thing to the other pretty fast sometimes.

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