Nov 8, 2011

Novel Nerd Mascots..thats right Mascots.

Just for fun I am giving this blog mascots. And one of those mascots would be no one other than the black cat on my blog button.

Yep, that is Nesster or as I like to call him "The Monster" but you know Ness works too. I figure to make things fun I will  randomly post pictures of the Novel Nerd Mascots on the blog and you guys can go "Aww why is he called the monster he looks so sweet!" :D Looks can be deceiving folks ;) Thou in all truth I love this guy and that's why he will be my blogs mascot along with my other cat Lucky or as I call him Chubbers.
In case you didn't notice I give all my pets nicknames that fit them perfectly. :) This guy right here is as sweet as he looks no deceiving what so ever. Anyways I'm gushing about my cats and before the thought "She is so gonna be the old lady with 15 cats!" can develop in your brain I will stop and continue to explain why a blog needs some mascots. So my reasoning behind this is to make the blog unique and fun.  I hope you guys like this idea. If not then I am saying sorry in advance. But how can you not like it? Look at those faces? They were born to be mascots! Hehe

On a completely different topic there is a book I have been wanting to read out today and I hope some of you guys go pick it up and give it a home! Its called The Sharp Time by Marry O'connell.

Another release today is Don't Expect Magic by Kathy Mcullough another book I have wanted to read that is finally here!

So what do you guys think? Will you go buy these two books? I hope so it will make me and some authors very happy. No pressure or anything. :D On another completely different topic remember how I said I wasn't that into The Secret Circle? Yeah well its finally starting to find its groove. Last episode was really good and I was impressed. I wasn't that into it at first because well all that was happening was they were getting chased by crazy people who wanted them dead. But its getting good now the only down fall is its going on a break and there is only one episode left. Totally disappointing. I don't even need to say how AMAZING The Vampire Diaries was everyone already knows. But what I will say is this...I love Damon. I feel sorry for Rebekah and so want her to come to the good side. Stefan drives me insane and I wish he would just disappear. When is Elijah coming back? I miss him. I cant be the only one who liked him and found him attractive..right? This is the part were you reassure me and nod.

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