Nov 17, 2011

It's finally here

Today is the big day for us Twi-hard fans. Breaking Dawn Part 1 is premiering tonight at midnight. I however will not be able to go see it tonight. I am bummed but as long as I get to see it sometime soon I am one happy camper. So my question is how many of you will be seeing it?

I know there are some fans who dislike the movies, but if you really think about it and get past how different they are from the books they have done good getting as much as they could into the movies. Sure I was disappointed when I saw Twilight-at first. Sure I was disappointed when I saw New Moon-at first. Sure I was disappointed when I saw Eclipse-at first. There was so much that weren't in the movies but after watching the movies oh a good million times I love them to pieces. Yeah, there is a lot missing but its understandable you can only fit so much into a certain time slot. Personally the movies have all been good and I love them and I love the cast. I will stop now before I go on a rant but my point is the movies may not be exactly like the books but if you think about it they do pretty well and its nice to be able to see something we all love so much on the big screen.

So I have a few questions for my fellow Twi-hard fans one of them being are you Team Edward or are you Team Jacob? Or are you Switzerland? Explain your answer in the comments! :)

Who will it be ladies? The brooding vampire or the brooding werewolf? I will always be Team Edward when it comes to the books but with the films I slowly can feel myself loving Jacob too. 

My next question is if Edward and Jacob weren't the main boys in the books would you be Team Emmett or Team Jasper?

I <3 Emmett in both the movies and the books. Thou I know there are lots of fans out there who dig Jasper. :D

I totally had this clever question in my head as I started writing this post and it has escaped me. Oh well, maybe it will come to me next year for Part 2. It seems kind of crazy that after that there will be no more Twilight movies. Okay before I post this I am going to step away and hope that question comes to me. If not then well this will be posted with only the three questions I asked. :)

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