Nov 5, 2011

The Iron King

Finally finished reading The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. Amazing book! Loved the unique story and how much detail Julie put into the world this book was set in. I could picture everything so perfectly in my head. I was sucked into the book the moment I started reading it but I will be honest and say it wasn't a book that I had a hard time putting down. But put that aside the book really was good and I enjoyed reading it and will defiantly be buying the second one very soon to read. I'm giving The Iron King 4 out of 5 stars!

Okay now let me start off by saying I really enjoyed reading Meghan's story and her voice was easy to get sucked into. The opening chapter was really well written and had me hooked right away which is really good because then I want to keep going. If that first chapter doesn't hook me right off the bat I have to wonder if any of the other chapters will. But even with that said I never stop reading a book even if the first chapter doesn't suck me in admittedly because usually the second or third chapter does and I'm glad I didn't put the book down. But back to Meghan she is one of those protagonist that you admittedly know that if she was real you would be best buds and I always like that because if I don't like the protagonist then I most likely wont like the book.

It wasn't just Meghan thou that made me want to keep reading it was the world Julie was creating and of course Puck who is without saying charming with his hilarious and witty dialogue. Again I have come across a book where I really like both guys which has only happened once or twice. Once Ash came into the book I knew I was doomed. Ash is one hot fey. That's all I got to say.

But then I go back to Puck and his witty self and I'm torn. I easily fall for the funny guys who often can make a crowd laugh easily. I mean seriously how do you chose between the brooding Prince and the witty joker? Since I am already on the topic of these two boys I may as well admit the banter between these two was seriously fun to read.

All and all I loved this book and recommend it to anyone who likes to read. And my only question is who are you rooting for? Team Ash or Team Puck? Because I cant seem to choose between the two. Thou Ash is defiantly a few points ahead of Puck. Its got to be all the brooding he does. Or maybe its just the first (well technically his second scene but I don't want to give anything away about the book. Those who have read this book know what scene I am talking about :)) scene when he is introduced into the book. Swoooon! Anyone who has been thinking about starting this series or has this book sitting on there bookshelf to be read you defiantly want to read it. OH! One more thing that I can't believe I almost forgot..Grimalkin oh how I love you cait sith. This cat is another reason I loved this book so much. Julie seriously makes some awesome characters!

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