Nov 18, 2011

Friday Foreign Editons

Holy cow...its already Friday? Were in the world did the week go!? Thou I can't complain because then that means Thanksgiving break is coming and I have a couple days off from school! :) Does everyone have plans for Thanksgiving? Does it involve getting stuffed completely and then snuggling up with a good book? That sounds pretty nice actually. So I wanted to add something before I dive into the Friday Foreign Editions. On the side were it says what I am currently reading I would like to tell you I have not started Bite Club yet but I plan too. If your expecting maybe a review sometime soon or just think I am the slowest reader on the face of the earth that isn't the case. I have just been busy with school so I haven't had as much time to read as I would like. But I have Bite Club listed because that is what I plan to dive into the moment I can and Thanksgiving break seems like the perfect time! Anyways if you weren't wondering when there would be a review or thinking I am the slowest reader ever you probably are now! :D Okay so my pick for this Friday Foreign Editions is If I Die by Rachel Vincent.

U.S Edition:

Stunning cover. Probably my favorite out of the whole series next to My Soul to Save. The vibrant green against the black is just so pretty.

U.K Edition:

I love this cover and am so buying it one day even thou I already own the copy above. Its so pretty. I'm not exactly sure why they chose to put a dragonfly on the cover but what ever there decision the cover is gorgeous.

French Edition:

I love, love, love this one. I think its because the girl is screaming and the bright red lips is a nice touch against the fog. Its like perfect! One Kaylee screams a lot. Two the red lips are just pretty. And three the fog makes me think she is in the the process of stepping over into the Netherworld. I might just end up buying this one two even thou I can only read a little bit of French. :)

So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite or do you love them all?

And the song of the week is Dreamer by Jenn Grant which is featured on an amazing show aired in Canada named Heartland which is in fact based on the book series Heartland which I plan to read. So if you haven't heard of the show or the books look them up! And this song is just amazing and a good song to write to for me at least. Hope you like it if you don't already! :)

And I just realized the person who made this video features images of cast at the end so if you were wondering who those people are there the cast. Guy at the end is pretty cute eh? That would be Ty who is an awesome character in the show. In case you haven't realized it yet I love this show and recommend it if your looking for a nice clean and overall amazing show with horses in it.

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