Nov 11, 2011

Friday Foreign Editions

Its Friday so you know what that means its Friday Foreign Editions. But I have to ask do you guys enjoy Friday Foreign Editions? Leave some of your thoughts on it in the comments please. I like to know whether or not what I am blogging you guys actually enjoy reading it. So for this Friday I have chosen Bloodlines by Richelle Mead.

U.S Edition:

I love this cover. Its just perfect. The model for Sydney if perfect thou I don't know who the guy is supposed to be. Does anyone? Let me know if you know who the guy is supposed to be. Anyways I also really like who the font for Bloodlines looks like a a thorny rose bush vines. So pretty! I love the red as well and how at the bottom its a more darker red than the top.

U.K Edition:

Okay I will be honest I really don't like this cover. But I will tell you what I do like. I like the font that Vampire Academy is and I like that Bloodlines is the same as the US only its black. But that's about it for this cover.

Bulgarian Edition:

I want to say this is the Bulgarian cover but I cant be sure so if I'm wrong sorry! This cover is pretty and I like how it looks like around the girl is veil of shinning sparkly stuff.

I could only find these three covers for Bloodlines. What do you guys think? Do you have a favorite? Mine would have to be the U.S cover. Now for the song of the week which is Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I love this song. I first heard it in I Am Number Four which don't even get me started on how much I loved that movie because I will drive you insane. But first before I give you the song I am going to post the first trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman. Oh my it looks so amazing. Kristen Stewart's movies are always good so I have no doubt this one will rock!

 Looks totally awesome right? I love Kristen's hair so pretty. Okay so here is the song.

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