Nov 4, 2011

Friday Foreign Editions

Its Friday so that means Friday Foreign Editions! Tomorrow a review of The Iron King will be posted so expect to see that. Everyone needs to read this book, just saying. :) So since last Friday Foreign Editions I choose books that had basically the same covers in different countries I'm determined to chose a book or book series with different covers. Okay so I've chosen for this Friday If I stay by Gayle Forman a beautiful heartbreaking story everyone needs to get there hands on and read.

U.S Editions:

Both of these covers seem perfect for If I Stay but I love the second one so much out of the two. The model on the cover is just as I pictured Mia to look. I also think the second cover is good for If I Stay because it represents so much of what happens without giving the story away.

 UK Editions:

These are both beautiful covers. I really like the one above the close up of the girl thou. But then I also really like the look on the girls face on the close up. So I'm torn haha.

Dutch Edition:

 This cover is pretty but not one of my favorites.

That is all I have for today but I will end this post with the song I cant stop listening to today! But before I do that I want to know which cover is your favorite cover for If I Stay? And now the song for today is What The Water Gave Me by Florence and the machine. If you haven't listened to any of Florence's music you must! I love every single one of her songs. Her new album just came out on the first in the U.S and I can't wait to buy it!

What song cant you stop listening to? Fill me in I want to know! :)

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