Nov 7, 2011

Cover Reveal

Everyone knows the Fallen series by Lauren Kate right? We all fall in love with the covers the moment we see them because its impossible not to. This series has the most gorgeous covers and today you get to see two new ones for Rapture and Fallen In Love! They were revealed and oh my goodness they are stunning. Go over to Lauren Kate's site to hear her talk about her new covers as well.

Gorgeous right? Out of all of the covers for the Fallen Series which is your favorite? Mine is Torment that cover is just stunning. And jeez these dresses the girl is always wearing I want them so bad! Who's with me on that?

Now onto a completely different topic. The YA sisterhood is hosting a Heroine Tourney this year just like the Crush Tourney only with our favorite heroines. I can tell you right now you don't want to miss it. Last year with the Crush Tourney it was so much fun! And over on the YA Sisterhood blog they have all the details so go over there and check it out! Please. :)

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