Nov 4, 2011

Books I am Thankful for

I came across this really great thing on Beth Revis's blog and I think its a brilliant idea. It was about being thankful for books and which one you were thankful for. And I totally love it and can't not do a post about it because I am so thankful for books I cant even begin to express how thankful I am!

I am thankful for the Twilight Saga.

This book series is the reason I love books the way I do today. Edward and Bella's story started my love for reading and for writing and I am so very thankful for that. Thank you Stephanie Meyer! The Twilight Saga arent the only books I am thankful for there are a contless number of books but two other books really stand out in my mind when I think about how thankful I am for books. One of those books or series I should say is the Vampire Academy series by the lovely Richelle Mead.

This series just prolonged my love for reading and I can't really tell you how thankful I am for this series and the way it affected me. Another book that I am very thankful for is Just Listen by Sarah Dessen who I look up to as a role model. 

Her writing is just flawless and so easy to get caught up in until the very last page and you wish the book hadn't ended. I am hardcore into supernatural books but with Sarah Dessen I learned to branch out and love books that don't have one single element of anything out of the ordinary.  Thanks Sarah for writing such amazing books!

So I've gushed about some of the books I am thankful for. What books are you thankful for?

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  1. I was thankful for Twilight too :) But I also love Vampire Academy too :)

    What I'm grateful for.