Nov 10, 2011


We all know about the Vampire Academy books you would have to live under a rock not to. We all love the series to pieces and were sad that it was ending and we would no longer get to read about Rose's adventures and tangled love life. Then we heard there was going to be a spinoff. Some of us were hesitant to read the spinoff called Bloodlines. I for one was not one of those people. I was stoked to find out that I could still read about the world Richelle created in the Vampire Academy series just with a different protagonist. I loved Rose and I loved reading her story but I was kind of excited to learn we would be seeing some of the same characters from VA that may not have been in the spotlight. One of those characters was Eddie who personally I love and was glad I could read more about him.  I will admit when I learned it was Sydney who was the protagonist I was a little disappointed since when she first came in to Vampire Academy I just wasn't a big fan of her. She grew on me through out the books thou. But what I can say is having Sydney be the protagonist seeing inside her head and the way her life is was just an amazing read. I love Sydney now just as much as I love Rose. Okay I guess I should stop gushing and get to the review huh?

**If you haven't read the VA books read at your own risk.**

For starters if you are expecting Sydney to be anything like Rose you may as well just close that door right now. Sydney is the total opposite of Rose. Where Rose is rash and doesn't think things through before acting Sydney dissects every little thing before making a move. Where Rose may go around punching people who personally deserve a good punch in the nose Sydney will find another less physical way for payback. But one thing they do have in common is they are both kick butt girls who thou different in a lot of ways can do some series damage control. If you weren't a fan of Sydney in VA you better be prepared to become a fan in Bloodlines because Sydney is hard to not like.

I really liked the setting for this book. I loved that they were at this Boarding school were some funky stuff is going down. It was a different setting than VA but it was a good change. I won't spoil anything from people who haven't read Bloodlines yet but I will say Richelle Mead is brilliant. What was going down at that school was just a brilliant idea that I didn't see coming.

Dimitri lovers be prepared to fall for Adrian. We can love them both right? I'm sure they wouldn't mind. :) I was routing for Dimitri from the start of VA and I just wanted Adrian to go away and stop ruining things with Rose and Dimitri. And I kind of feel sorry for being so mean to him in my head. Now I understand why there are some Team Adrian folks out there who were just hoping Dimirti would fall of the face of the earth so Rose and him could be together. Rose and Dimitri are just meant together thou really and I say that totally not taking sides. And honestly I am  so glad she didn't end up with Adrian because then I would have never had the chance to fall for him in Bloodlines and understand why people love him so much.

Eddie is another reason I loved the book so much. I really liked him in VA and wish he would have had more scenes than he did. All I have to say is how can you not love Eddie? Now that I think about it I kind of love every guy from VA..Christopher, Dimitri, Eddie, and now Adrian I even liked Mason a lot and cried my eyes out when he died. I don't think I have loved so many boys from a series before. Jill is another character I seriously love. I loved her from the start and am so glad I got to read more about her. Okay let me just make it simple and say Richelle Mead makes so many awesome characters you may as well just deal with the fact you love everyone except maybe the bad guys. But then again maybe your into the bad guys and you like them too! Richelle makes some great bad guys too so its understandable.

I tried not to give to much away but I did give away some spoilers for some of the VA books so if you haven't read those yet sorry for ruining it for you! I warned you though there might be some spoilers so please don't throw virtual tomatoes at me. I am giving Bloodlines 5 out of 5 stars. I finished this book in 2 sittings it was so good. Only two because you know I had to sleep and eat and all that stuff. I even risked ruining my eyesight to read this when the power went out because of a huge storm so you know it was good enough to possibly need glasses in the future! I can't even begin to tell you how much I want The Golden Lily to get here! If you still haven't read this book because you are afraid it won't be good. Be brave and just read it because seriously? Its awesome and Richelle Mead never disappoints with her books.

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