Oct 22, 2011

Random Ramblings #1

So I just now realized I was supposed to do another foreign editions yesterday but instead did a giveaway. Haha so I guess you won't be seeing another foreign edition post until next Friday! Anyways, a review for the Iron King should be coming very soon. So far I am loving this book. This post is going to be about a lot of random things . . . you have been warned! :D

Has anyone read the Secret Circle by L.J Smith? Decent book series that has been turned into a TV show on the CW along with The Vampire Diaries. I'm not gonna lie I'm not really feeling it with this show, but considering I was originally disappointed with VD I wont stop watching it. The Vampire Diaries turned out to be a awesome show I fell personally in love with including Ian Somerhadler who plays Damon perfectly!

Team Damon <3 I mean seriously how could you not be? He's gorgeous!!

Moving on before I start blabbering incessantly about Mr. Somerhalder I will move onto another random topic since this is all about randomness. I have been thinking a lot about who my favorite YA guy is since this question seems to be asked quite often and I was wondering who your favorite YA guy would have to be? For me personally Tod Hudson pops into my mind. But I mean seriously how do the people who ask this question expect us to just chose one?? So I guess what I am really asking is, is it possible to just chose one or are you like me and you could write up a whole list of your favorite book boys?

November is finally right around the corner which means *drum roll* Breaking Dawn will be coming out!! I can not wait for this installment! Here's the trailer and the movie poster just to get you fellow twihards even more stoked for this movie!

Since I'm already talking about books that have been adapted into either a movie or a TV show I may as well talk about the Hunger Games...How could I not?? I have been so excited about this movie from the moment I heard about it. And then when the poster that moved and had sound got released I got even more excited. And then came the short trailer and I was at the point of thinking "Why isn't it March yet dang it?". I know I am not alone on this either. All us Hunger Games fans want March to just get here already! Sigh, but since its not March I will post the trailer.

I think I will end this rambling post here before I can go on any further about books that are being turned into films that I cant wait for and this turns into a mile long. :) Any books being turned into movies I didn't talk about on here you are excited about? Fill me in!


  1. Woo! Go Hunger Games! I'm super excited for it, and hope they don't murder the plot! I was a fan of Twilight too, until the movie came out... But yeah, gonna watch Breaking Dawn for the heck of it! :P

  2. Midnight book thief: I know I'm a little worried about that to but I'm just hoping for the best! I hear yeah about the twilight movies. They were good but so disappointing!