Oct 29, 2011

Random Ramblings #2

I think I want to start doing something with music on this blog. Like maybe a song of the week kind of thing. Might be fun. I will share the song I cant stop hitting replay on and you guys can share whatever song maybe is the song of your week. Sound good? But on a completely different note I am determined to finish The Iron King by this Friday so a review should be coming shortly! This will be a pretty short post but I have one more question. The poll I made is ending in two days and I was curious what kind of poll you guys would want to vote on next whether it was your favorite book boy or villain, heroine that sort of thing. Let me know in the comments! Okay well that's its for today I'm going to share the song I cant stop listening to by Christina Perri. Its called A Thousand Years and I love it! Such a good song to write to.

This song with be on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack which that movie is starting to really get close and I am getting very excited! Who plans on going to see Breaking Dawn?

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