Oct 28, 2011

Friday Foreign Editions

So last Friday I forgot to do a foreign editions post and instead did a giveaway which I'm sure most of you were a-okay with which by the way the contest closes and a winner will be chosen and contacted on Halloween morning so you still have two days left to enter if you want a signed bookmark by Rachel Vincent and a book of your choice! I've chosen Blue is for nightmares series by Laurie Stolarz for this Friday foreign edition which anyone who hasn't read this book series yet needs to get on that ASAP. I might even do a book review on this series soon as well since its such a good and often scary book series. Good Halloween read if your going to stay home and need a good Halloween recommendation. Project 17 is also a good one to by Laurie kept me on my toes and looking over my shoulder. But anyways on to the foreign editions!

U.S Editions:

Hmm, well it looks like all the covers are the same. But since I love this series so much I'm going to keep my recommendation up along with the covers. This series really is a must read. I've chosen Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes to do instead. I loved this book so much. Another must read!

U.S and UK Edition:

I love this cover its so pretty. Definitely an awesome cover with all the dark blues and black. I love the look on the girls face to even if you can only see her side profile it looks like at any moment she could turn into this force that could kick some series butt.

N/A Edition possibly the ARC cover(?):

I'm not exactly sure what edition this is. I'm thinking maybe for the ARCs but I honestly don't know. I love it thou. I actually prefer this one even thou I love the US cover so much. But this one shows the main characters strength so well and I love how part of the moon is on fire.

And once again they all are the same covers except for the one I found above. So I'm going to try something new and chose a random foreign cover without telling you which book I'm choosing and have you guess what book you think it is. 

Can you guess which book this is? I chose this one because um hello the cover is gorgeous! Of course it looks even better without a black box covering up the authors name. Just because I love the next cover as well I will post it to for your viewing.

 Pretty huh?

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