Oct 14, 2011

Friday Foreign Editions

Every Friday starting today I'm going to make a post all about Foreign editions of YA books. Its always cool to see the different covers and how each country takes a different interpretation of the book. And as you will find the more I blog I'm a big cover nerd. Okay so I'm going to make this post all about the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead who I absolutely love. I meet her at one of her signings and she was so funny and nice! Her writing is just amazing. I'm going to start off first with the U.S editions and then work my way down to other countries.

U.S Editions:

I love our covers. Vampire Academy's cover is so perfect because the look on the girls face is totally Rose. Frost Bite's cover totally works too. The events in this book are pretty gut wrenching and the look on her face again is just perfect. Same with the other covers they just represent the books so well. Personally my favorite cover out of the series would have to be Last Sacrifice. 

U.K Editions:

I am not a big fan of these covers. I usually prefer it when books have actually models on them but there still nice. The U.K also has the same covers as we do just darker.

Korean Editions:

I could only find the two books so I'm just going to assume Korea only has the first two books out. I think these two covers are pretty cool. I like the first one with Rose and Lissa the best.

Germany Editions:

I really like these covers. They're different then our covers but in a good way. My favorite would either have to be FrostBite or Last Sacrifice.

Dutch Editions:

I could only find the first three books. These covers are gorgeous! The first one is just so pretty! I love that on FrostBite she is holding a sword. I would totally buy these Editions just to have them!

Bulgarian Editions:

Okay, I'm going to stop here even thou I'm sure there are lots more awesome Foreign Covers to find! I like these ones, especially the crow sitting on the gate. Spirit Bound I would have to say is my favorite out of them all. Out of all these covers which would have to be your favorites?

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